Webinar Descriptions

Innovation and Value-Based/Data Driven Healthcare

This webinar takes the concept of innovation and couples it with value-based healthcare and data driven results that are the new way of healthcare reimbursement.  The learner will be able to describe these concepts as well as apply them in daily practice.  The statistics will allow the learner to compare to their current statistics to see how his or her company compares.  There will be innovative suggestions for learners to be able to apply the concepts being taught.

Healthcare Innovation and What It Means for You and Your Company

This webinar defines the concept of healthcare innovation along with all of the components that makes this topic a hot button item in healthcare today.  The learner will develop ways to apply these concepts to their current practices and company.

Innovative Healthcare Marketing

This webinar discusses the current marketing trends in healthcare and shares new and innovative ways to grow the attendee's business.  

Top Homecare Trends for 2018

This webinar discusses current trends for homecare in 2018 and upcoming 2019, including the new Medicare changes just released.

Customer Service for the Caregiver - It Matters!

This webinar is designed for caregivers as well as leaders in healthcare.  The attendee will learn innovative customer service skills as well as the whys for their importance.  

Benchmarking for Healthcare Today

This webinar discusses the different types of benchmarking in the healthcare system today.  The attendee will be able to not only define these types but also apply them to their current business.

Quality vs. Quantity

With quality being a hot topic in healthcare today, this webinar discusses defines quality and quantity as well as discusses the differences that these two concepts have on the success of a business in healthcare.  There are innovative ideas to improvement in this area that will be shared with attendees.

Optimizing Payor Mix

Want grow your business by leaps and bounds?  This webinar will help you do that by teaching the attendee how to optimize their payor mix.  This webinar discusses the different types of payors extensively and the benefits and challenges to each of them.  There will be innovative ideas to help the attendee enhance their payor blend.

Homecare and CMS - Are You Prepared?

Are you looking for an in depth look into the newly released CMS rulings?  This webinar will provide a comprehensive look at the new rulings as well as some of the rulings that may be "clear as mud".  There will also be discussion as to how these rulings will affect your business in the short-term as well as the long-term.

Servant Leadership

Are you looking for opportunities for growth as a manager?  Are you looking to decrease staff turn over?  This webinar will explore the concept of servant leadership and offer the attendee the opportunity to learn how to apply the servant leadership skillset in their daily practice.  Servant leadership is a proven concept in healthcare and this webinar is designed to create experts by the experts.